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Chuck & Karen Lunan

In January, 2013, Chuck & I decided to make a HUGE change in our lives.  We were eating out 3 - 4 times a week.....  not fast food drive thru's but sit down dinners with cocktails.
 Back in November 2012 I had a Dr's visit that determined everything was high!  Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, weight.....  You name it and it was up!  Plus I was pre-diabetic!

Chuck suffered from severe acid refux & sleep apnea 

January 28th, 2013, we began a life changing journey.  In my 1st 8 days I lost 14 pounds and Chuck lost 20 pounds.  How crazy was that!  By July of 2013. I had lost 50 pounds and Chuck had lost 67 pounds!  At the time I update this post, I have lost 67 pounds and Chuck has lost more than 80 pounds!

EVEN BETTER!  In June, 2013, I revisited my Dr for more blood work.  THIS TIME instead of being called back into the office, I got a simple phone call saying that everything was normal.   YAY!

EVEN BETTER!!!  Chuck's acid reflux was GONE within 3 days of starting the program!  AND no more sleep apnea!

AND we now have a steady secondary income that has made life easier!  The company has sent us on 2 fully paid for trips. they send us daily "thank you" checks and monthly bonus's!  Life is good!

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